Lightweight OpenID primitives & client
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Light OpenID

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Lightweight OpenID primitives & client. This package can be used to turn an application into an OpenID relying party.

Warning ! This crate has not been audited, use at your own risks!

It is your responsibility to implement the routes (start & finish authentication) that interacts with the OpenIDConfig helper structure.

Moreover, only a very small subset of OpenID specifications are supported :

  • code authorization flow
  • The scopes openid profile email are hard coded and cannot be changed
  • User info retrieval using userinfo endpoint

Basic usage

let config = OpenIDConfig::load_from_url(&AppConfig::get().configuration_url).await.unwrap();

// Start authentication
let auth_url = config.gen_authorization_url("client_id", "state", "redirect_uri");

// Finish authentication
let token_response = config.request_token("client_id", "client_secret", "code", "redirect_uri").await.unwrap();
let user_info = config.request_user_info(&token_response).await.unwrap();
// user_info now contains profile info of user

Feature crypto-wrapper

CryptoWrapper is a helper that can encrypt to base64-encoded string structures:

#[derive(Encode, Decode, Eq, PartialEq, Debug)]
struct Message(String);

fun test() {
    let wrapper = CryptoWrapper::new_random();
    let msg = Message("Hello world".to_string());
    let enc = wrapper.encrypt(&msg).unwrap();
    let dec: Message = wrapper.decrypt( & enc).unwrap();
    assert_eq!(dec, msg);

Note : In order to use CryptoWrapper on your own, you must add bincode>=2.0 as one of your own dependencies. This is not required if you decide use BasicStateManager.

BasicStateManager is a helper that uses CryptoWrapper to generate and validates states for OpenID authentication:

let ip = IpAddr::V4(Ipv4Addr::new(192, 168, 1, 1));
let manager = BasicStateManager::new();
let state = manager.gen_state(ip).unwrap();
assert!(manager.validate_state(ip, &state).is_ok());

Complete example

A complete example usage of this crate can be found here: